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Dell PowerVault MD3200

The PowerVault™ MD3200 series of storage arrays is a high-performance 6Gb shared storage solution providing high availability data access. As the next generation of our directly connected shared Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) arrays, this series offers exceptional flexibility and scalability and is ideal for consoli-dating up to four servers in clustered or virtualized environments. The PowerVault MD3200 array is well suited for deployments where cost per GB is a key requirement. The PowerVault MD3220 array is an optimal solution when cost/performance (IOPS) is a primary consideration.

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A dedicated, high availability shared storage solution

The PowerVault MD3200 series of arrays raises the bar for scalability and flexibility in the entry-level storage space. You can connect up to four high-availability servers or eight non-redundant servers for balanced performance in mixed virtualized workloads. MD3200 series arrays are ideal for Microsoft® Hyper-V™ and VMware® ESX virtual environments.

Support even the most performance-hungry applications

MD3200 series arrays deliver an exceptional price/performance ratio. 6Gb/s SAS doubles the throughput capability of previous generation SAS arrays. These arrays meet the demands of large database applications with:

• Increased processing capability

• Four SAS ports per controller

• High Performance Tier firmware upgrade to boost performanceMD3200 series arrays also support solid state drives (SSD) for the most demanding I/O applications.

Gain a new level of management efficiency

MD3200 series arrays are managed by the advanced MD Storage Manager software, an intuitive, easy to use client-based Java application.

Designed for easy user interaction with the system no matter what your level of familiarity with storage systems, it offers two different management paths and features an enterprise window that monitors multiple systems through a single interface.

Wizard-based array management helps simplify the configuration process. MD Storage Manager detects and alerts you to problems, and launches an automatic Recovery Guru to help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem. It’s simple—the expertise is built into the software.

Deployment scalability and flexibility

Scale up. Mix and match drive types to create a tiered data environment.Scale Easily: Up to 8 servers in a non-HA configuration or 4 servers in a HA configuration can be directly connected to a single MD3200 or MD3220 storage system. Storage capacity can be expanded up to 96 hard drives. Scaling capacity can be as simple as hot plugging in additional PowerVault MD1200 and/or PowerVault MD1220 expansion enclosures.

Mix and Match Drives: MD3200 arrays can hold up to twelve (12) 3.5 inch form factor hard drives and MD3220 arrays hold up to twenty-four (24) 2.5 inch drives. Both the MD1200 enclosure, which houses a total of twelve 3.5” hard drives, and the MD1220 enclosure, which houses a total of twenty-four 2.5” drives, can be added behind MD3200 series arrays, enabling you to mix 3.5” and 2.5” drives in the same array. This flexibility enables data tiering for optimizing system performance.

Optional data protection

Snapshots: Take point-in-time snapshots of data for backup and other operations. The MD3200 series supports up to 8 snapshots per virtual disk and a total of 128 snapshots per system.

Virtual Disk Copy (VDC): Make exact, point-in-time full replications of existing virtual disks for decision support and software development testing.

Self-encrypting Drives (SEDs): SEDs encrypt everything written to the drive and de-crypt everything read from the drive. Once an SED is secured, it becomes “locked” and unreadable by unauthorized persons if the drive is ever powered down or removed from the array.

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